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My Family Genealogy consists of 35 interrelated family trees dating back to 1240 with Herr Hoffman. Youngest family member was born on 2017. Longest living was Carter Zacariah Whitener, born 14 Mar 1858 and died 21 Sep 1964 at Age 106 years, 6 months, 7 days.

Sources include:

Birth Records:155   Death Records:336   1790 Census:00   1870 Records:133
Marriage Records:206   SSANs:402   1800 Census:00   1880 Records:167
Military:01   SSDIs:221   1810 Census:00   1890 Records:00
WWI Draft Cards:41   Obits:41   1820 Census:01   1900 Records:261
WWII Draft Cards:137   Wills:00   1830 Census:01   1910 Records:295
Cemetery Records:00   Cemeteries:794   1840 Census:01   1920 Records:361
Portraits:96   Tomb Stones:00   1850 Census:130   1930 Records:456
Photos:00   FindAGrave:4,634   1860 Census:153   1940 Records:521

15,323 Family Members

Notable People

Family Trees

Abernathy Ballew Bandy Barger 
Boger Brinkley Bucher Canipe 
Cuntze Deitz Dodderer Greider 
Hahn Hamby Hoots Huffman 
Lang Lutz Miller Mull 
Propst Rhoney Rockett Schlemmer 
Schwartz Seitz Sherrill Studer 
Ware Weaver Whisenhunt White 
Whitener Yount Zimmerman 

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